Friday, September 20, 2013

We Moved!!!

May the Lord be praised!   
Yes we are still alive and kicking over here. Sorry for the delay and lack of updating activity.  We didn’t have internet for a while. Then we got it and our computer crashed.  Thanks to some brainy computer guy it is now fixed and we are carrying on as normal.  Wait, what is normal?! haha
We are moved! YAY! It is so good to be here!  The house has one bedroom, a sitting area, a bathroom/washroom and a kitchen. (we will post pictures soon) The night we moved in we didn’t have electricity and it was getting dark so we hurried and tried to clean the bathroom and the kitchen as best we could in the fading light.  We were just finishing up when the heavens opened and started pouring torrents of rain… we shortly found out about the lack of guttering on the house.  We scrambled in the dark to find a way to curb the swelling tide(haha). We looked at eachother as we waded around laughing at the memory that was being made. Now our house is freshly scrubbed and shining. We feel blessed to call it home! We pray that it is an environment that people find inviting and most importantly where the Lord is welcome and Reigning!                                                                                                                                              As we sit here tonite we are enjoying our tea to the sound of rain on the roof. God is good. We are blessed.  Our bellies are full from a sort of “Thanksgiving meal” we just enjoyed in celebration of finally getting gas so we could cook.   Tonite we broke the three day diet of bread and bananas to enjoy a family sized box of macaroni and cheese.  We enjoyed all six servings thanks to our dear friends back home in Indiana! Thanks you two!!! 
Currently we are in the middle of applying for our work permits.  We are just amazed at the connections God has provided.  Sometimes we just don’t have words to say… His faithfulness abounds and His grace is continually sufficient.  I cant say enough what a privilege it is to be on this journey with Him.  When we met with the man who is helping us with our permits he asked what we would like to do. We told him we would like to work with kids and possibly have some kind of home.  He laughed and said “You might be here forever.”  Only the Lord knows… we are certainly excited to find out!
Thank you all for your prayers!  As we walk through each day we see and feel the evidence of them.  May God bless you! Continue dear friends! As you pray for us.. we are also praying for you. 
Specific prayer points:
For our sanctification and growth in the knowledge and obedience of the Lord
For Heavenly discernment and wisdom
That the Gospel would be preached and believed
That young children would be freed from sin and experience love and salvation in Christ
That God would be exalted and glorified in ALL things
Asante sana! May the world be drawn to Christ as they see His church living for Him.
All praise be to our gracious God for sustaining all of us thus far.    

“Lets come and cast ourselves at the feet of the nail pierced Son of God and tell Him that we are going to obey Him, and love Him, and serve Him, as long as we live because He is worthy!” –Paris Reidhead

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