Sunday, September 29, 2013

Trusting in a God who knows all!

Good morning to all of you across the world as we are well into our day here in Kenya! It has been a rich morning listening to sermons reminding us of the GREAT GOD whom we have the privilege of serving every day of our lives!  Everyday is a new adventure here with many great laughs and new memories, like eating noodles with strawberry jam for dessert and a scrambling across the kitchen trying to catch our last decent sized mirror only to end with it shattering on the floor. Haha J It’s amazing how the littlest things can bring much joy and excitement around here: running water, a visitor, meat for supper, electricity, a room with a light bulb J The list could go on!

 As for what we are doing here, the Lord has not yet revealed to us our purpose for being here but He sees it all stretched out before Him and that is enough to keep us hopeful in this time of waiting. Many of you ask what we are doing and probably wonder what we do day to day here. Each day ends up unfolding something different. We are slowly learning to commit each day afresh to the Lord here and trust Him to plan our agenda for the day. It’s a very strange thing! We are very used to having a plan to fill our day or easily being able to find something to do and it’s tempting in the midst of the day to get impatient because we feel like we should be doing service, working for the Lord, doing something great! But is service to our God more important than knowing Him? We are thankful for these days of waiting, that we can seek the Lord without the distractions of life at home.

Friday, we spent the day at Goodson School where we spent our time last year. It was SOOO fun seeing the kiddos smiling faces! A lot of them we knew from last year and we were amazed at how much they had grown. We really enjoyed spending the day holding precious little babies. There are about 6 of them right now and one was a tiny 3 week old baby girl!

 Lord willing we will be starting a Bible study at our house with girls age 14-18ish soon, with 2 DVD series from Leslie Ludy!!! We are extremely excited for this opportunity for girls here to know more of their Jesus and what that looks like lived out. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for the girls and the preparation of their hearts to receive the Truth.

May we strive to live every moment in communion with our worthy God. He drank our bitter cup of the wrath of God which we deserve and instead gave us the cup of Life and Righteousness. Thank you dear brothers and sisters for your prayers!

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  1. Hello Chami and Holly!
    So good to hear from you!
    It is exciting to hear what God is doing in and through you. Oh, it will be so good. His plans are always so good!
    I love you both and pray that He will keep fueling you with His joy and peace as He leads you step by step!
    In His love,
    Kelly Osborne