Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year

It is 2015. Can you believe it? Have you sat and thought and wrote that list?  That list that will inspire and motivate for about another.. oh, lets say, 15 days.  ..Until the dust settles or something is thrown on top.  It seems crazy to me how we do it again and again.  As if somehow THIS year we will be able to muster up the strength and discipline.   As if WE have anything to muster up within ourselves…
I like how Mike Wells said it… when people ask him, he says his goal in the coming year is to become a weaker Christian.  And this year… that is my prayer!
To become more dependent upon Christ.  To see at a greater depth that “I can’t,” only HE CAN.  To have my eyes open and sight sensitive to that fact that I am not… HE IS.  To echo the words of the God Man as He walked this earth.. that I can do nothing of myself.(john 5:19)  And I don’t seek my own will but the will of Him who sent me.(john 5:30)  And I do nothing of myself, but as My Father teaches me.. Those things I speak.(john 8:28)  To decrease so that He might increase.  To boast all the more gladly in my infirmities, that the POWER of God might rest upon me.  To embrace and confess my lack.. My weakness so that His power might be perfected in me.(2cor 12:9)  
I am not saying goals and aspirations are not good… I just think it all depends on how we plan on reaching and attaining them.  Is it going to be me or Christ?!
Where does my faith and trust lie this year? In MY strength? In MY wisdom? In MY ability to do good? In the ministry I do? In the job I hold? In family or friends? In MY plan? In My bank account? 
I think all of us to a certain extent still cling to some of these things.  Whether we would like to admit it or not.  Of course when someone asks we will always shake our heads and boldly confess that we have nothing of our own.. that this world is not our home.  But when push comes to shove.. and God asks us to relinquish and let go… I have found there to be a lot of wrestling.. a lot of questioning.. a lot of reasoning from my feeble logic.  As if what I am currently holding so tightly too is better than what He would give.  As if my wisdom and vision for life is superior to the One who speaks galaxies into existence.  And when I tear away the layers and look at myself for who I am I find the idea of trusting in anything save Christ to be but folly.  His ways are higher, bigger, and better! I want to follow Him.. I want to trust in Him.. More.  I want to fling away this notion that I have anything to bring to the table and then have empty vessel and empty arms that can be filled with Himself.. with His life. 
And with that perspective.. and that vision a new year is exciting! I look forward to the journey… to the greater depths of Christ I will come to know.  I look forward to the people He will bring into my life.  I anticipate the adventure the ministry.  I look ahead with peace in my heart at the changes and trials KNOWING that He is working all things for my good and His glory!!
Praise be unto His name!!
We took a three week break for Christmas and New Years to relax and enjoy.   And enjoy we did!!! The hands on the wall were a little higher than normal when we would get out of bed! We visited friends.. played games… cleaned the house…. drank coffee… ate some good food.. read books… and soaked up every moment that God granted.  It was truly refreshing!  Christmas was spent with each other and our favorite men!
J  Thanks to a sweet brother we got to spend three nights and four days at one of the nicest hotels in Nairobi.  The first day there I was reminded what a gift laughter is! ..because banks were closed that day.. so we were carefully guarding our precious last shillings… and then there is a cab fee to pay.. and an insurance fee for the room… and then we stand at the reception desk with smiles as we are told breakfast is KSH3000 per person and we realize we will be fasting while we spend 4 days in luxury.   We walked up the stairs laughing… and then I stepped in the shower and the hunger suddenly became SO worth it! But banks DID open the next day.. so we decided since we didn’t feel particularly ‘called’ that it would be okay to enjoy the culinary services!!  We came back thoroughly cleaned and refreshed!
After three weeks of break it was so fun to see those sweet little faces again last Saturday! Apparently my muscles had forgotten how much effort those days take.  We slipped under the covers and into bed like a walrus slipping into the refreshing depths of rolling blue after a long day!  But we enjoyed.. and they enjoyed.. and we look forward to growing together in the coming year!! 
Saturday we also resumed BTS.  I didn’t know teens grew so much in three weeks.  Not sure where they are getting the miracle grow.. but its working! We played games and talked and had a great time catching up.  All of the teachers will be meeting tomorrow night to discuss the coming year, put a lesson plan on paper.  What a joy and privilege to be able to watch the Lord do His work in young lives.  We will miss those that are headed to boarding school.. but look forward to new faces that will be joining!  This year we pray that God would give grace for teaching and learning and loving without bounds and with an energy unlimited given from above!
As Im typing this there is a little man stomping around the house, hands outstretched, growling… just begging for someone to come and play.  Chris is back!! He is walking and talking and getting into everything.  He loves tractors and big trucks… he nearly loses his mind when one passes on the street.  He is learning his animal sounds and will drag books about his size from the bookshelf to your lap with eyes asking for a story.  He is full of life and is sure to bring lots of laughter!!
These next couple months are full with kids and family visiting and two becoming one.. we are excited for what they hold and covet your prayers as we each walk the path that has been set before us! It will be new and different.. but it will be sweet! We look forward to what God has in store.  We will try and keep you all updated on what is doing! Thank you so much for caring and sharing! We are thankful!

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  1. So fun to get an update! We think of you often & pray for you! !
    Blessings to you