Friday, April 4, 2014

To Give Thanks!

 “Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples! Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him; Talk of all His wondrous works!  Glory in His holy name, Let the hearts of those rejoice who seek the Lord! Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His face forevermore.”  Psalm 105:1-4
As I sit down to attempt to put these past weeks into words these verses are on my mind.  To give thanksto make known His deedsTo sing to Him and talk of His wondrous works.  And my prayer is that in the end it will cause us all to seek Him to glory in Him and His name!
Life has this awesome way of showing you who you really are… It is like some circumstances are these big mirrors and you can’t step away.  You are forced to just stand there and see yourself for who you really are.  And at that point there are two options.. either one can stand there and let the waters of despair rise as you continue to stare at your lack.. OR you can choose to turn and stare at perfect strength and grace sufficient found in the person of Jesus Christ.   And you realize that the lack.. that you were just moments before trembling before is actually something to embrace.  Because if you had looked inside of yourself and thought there was strength enough that you could muster up then you would never have found that in Jesus.  And so these past two weeks we praise God for the numerous opportunities we have had to embrace our total lack and find Jesus completely sufficient.  It is one thing to read and have the knowledge that He will always provide and will never leave your nor forsake you.  But when God through life situations takes you to the place where you know that because you have experienced it…. THAT is a whole different thing. It is completely amazing…  this endless frontier never fails to provide new growth and adventure with each horizon. It leaves us with lips dripping with thanks and hearts near to exploding with gratitude to the King of the Universe. 
Saturdays at the hall where we do the feeding program it can be quite rambunctious.  Kids running and jumping and falling and skipping and laughing and crying as the dust swirls ‘round.  Two weeks ago some boys were playing on top of a water drum when one took a tumble.  After all was said and done he was left laying in his hospital bed awaiting surgery the next day.   Bernard is a real fighter…  He was brave and strong.  Yesterday he stopped by bringing the receipts from his check-up… he is all smiles and learning to live life as a lefty.  He stayed at the hospital for 4 days.  When we would visit his one request was always to ride the elevators.  The shiny doors would slide open and he would walk in with wide eyed delight.. pushing the buttons like a pro!  He was glad to come home but did enjoy his stay! A big bed.. a flat screen T.V. and three meals a day.  He was treated like a king! 
For those few days we were kept quite busy between hospital visits and trips to Immigrations to finish up our work permit process.  We want to praise God and tell you with a thankful sigh that we now both have them.  Chami received hers just hours before we headed to the airport so she could catch a flight home to surprise her family.  Certainly she wouldn’t have been flying home had we known all that would have been happening… but God knew all along.. He surely works in mysterious ways!!
The following weekend found me and some friends at a different clinic with a small a baby in need of some medical attention.  I met him down at the school/baby-care that we frequently visit.  He was acting a bit weak and I knew that he was under weight so I just wanted to take him for a check-up. I am no medical expert but I could tell that he was not as he ought to be.  As we were in the matatu I shook my head and thought “here we go again..” taking someone’s child to the doctor… praying that God would work it all out.  I had only been with the baby for one day… we had only gotten permission from the teacher at the school… the mother was oblivious to it all as she sat in school.  It turned out to be a very good thing that we went.  He was in serious need of fluids…  the doctor get him hooked up as fast as he could.  I had to leave him there sleeping under the watch of two dear friends while I went back down to the slum to wait for his mom.  She is in 9
th grade and so I had to wait for her to get out of classes. Two hours later we were finally on our way back to collect the little bundle.  Yesterday he was here at the house and doing much better! He is 10 months old.. weighs 11 pounds… and has the sweetest smile in the world.  By Gods grace we hope to help him grow in strength and the knowledge of his Maker!  It seems I will have the awesome privilege of caring for him while his mom is at school.. needless to say I am just a tad bit excited!! J I am sure there will be more than enough photos taken to keep you updated!
Oh and also… NEW house! I’m beginning to feel a bit like a nomad... 3 homes in 6 months.  The dear moving guys are getting some good business from us.  It feels kind of strange to load all of your earthly belongings on a cart and watch it be paraded through the streets... past the shops and the people walking and working.  I should have taken a picture… they don’t mess around… it is stacked and packed to capacity!  After it was all unloaded, the house was cleaned, and the curtains hung I sat down and thanked God that once again He provided the perfect place in the perfect timing.  … Just like we knew He would!  One thing is for sure.. we have been blessed with some of the most incredible friends one could ask for.. we have it good indeed!  Now there are new neighbors, new kiddos, new shops and a fresh adventure!!
So that is some of what has been happening in the past two weeks. 
We are changed.
 We are thankful. 
Thankful for the prayers that have been poured out on our behalf. Thankful for the support that we have received.  Thankful for the body of Christ that remains connected across the miles.  Thankful for human weakness and Divine strength.  Thankful for sickness, and lack, and all of the things we face in this world that drive us to Christ!!
Isn’t He good!!!

Some of the young ladies we are doing the bible study with.

 The baby with his new friend!
 cutest ever!!!

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