Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lessons from the Grass

I was standing there, my arms resting on top of the van roof catching the intense rays that were shining down from the heavens above.  Music was flowing through a wire and being deposited in my ears as I gazed out across the vastness of Masaai Mara.  We bounced and jerked our way across the Savannah catching our breathe at the beauty that was all around us.  Truly my Dad is awesome!! I saw His fingerprints across the sky in the sunset as it framed the hills.  I saw His beauty in the majestic Elephant as it crested the hill in the distance and made it's way toward us... in the giraffe as it gracefully ran through the grass... in the lion as he rested his head in the shade to escape the heat. It all shouted MAJESTY, and GLORY, and HONOR, to Him the Great Creator God... my Dad, the One who dreamed it all up and spoke it into existence.  And as I stood there my head bobbing to the praise that was being piped into my ears and soul, I was astounded by what I saw.  We had been driving for a while across the empty grasslands.. there was not another soul in site... and as we dipped down into another valley I noticed the grass.. tall and graceful, swaying in perfect time to the music I was hearing.  ALL of creation is praising Him... and i get to join in! What a privilege!! There was the grass... not toiling or worried.. just standing where God had put it, praising Him.  Waiting for someone to notice so that they to could join in its song and dance to the One who is WORTHY! And there I had been an hour before lost in thoughts that primarily revolved around me instead of Him.  Consumed with wondering about the future and what it might hold. Worrying about the details as if i could change them.. as if my life was n my hands and i could direct it's course.  And I was stopped in my tracks... that grass beckoned me to come and join it... to just stand where God has planted me and praise Him!! And so moment by moment as I am learning this art of abiding I am seeking to be like the grass...  not to toil or fret but just to stand... arms lifted.. swaying in the breeze of His beauty and grace!!
We are loving the time spent with family! We have felt like we are on holiday.  It has been a real blessing for sure!!  These are the moments when we wish time could just slow down... but it doesn't so we just take every moment... and try to take it in and be thankful!! We have been spoiled by all of the gifts that were brought.  I know many of you contributed and we want to say thank you! We were blown away as we went through the bags.  God does not forget such kindness shown.. and it is our prayer that He will repay!
We are settled in our new place! Trying not to get to attached to these temporal things.. but to remain open and sensitive to the Shepherds leading! You can pray for us! It seems the devil doesn't want our door to be open after school for whatever little one desires to come.  We are facing some opposition but we know the One who is greater will sort it all out!! The faces continue to grow.. in the last week it seems we have been shaking new hands almost daily.  Most of the new ones that are coming are not from this nicer area where we live.  It has been so fun loving on them and playing with them. The shy looks and smiles don't last for long... usually some tickles can drive them out! We don't know what their lives are like.. what they need.. but Jesus does and we pray we can be vessels through which He can work! Some are hard..  dominating by their street smarts.. others are so soft and practically melt when pulled into your arms for a hug.  We love them all and pray that their lives can join those of the Redeemed.. That they might experience life as a child of God!! That they might have a revelation of Christ and like the swaying grasses simply stand.. and praise Him where they are.. trusting Him for what is to come!!
Showing off some of the gifts.

Our lovely visitors!

Saturday feeding
The Valentines meal was a success!!

A typical day!

Mom and Dad had just crossed this.. There may have been some
shrieking involved. hehe

A full table!

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