Friday, December 20, 2013

No longer waiting

Waiting… It can consume so much of our lives.  We wait until we are financially stable, we wait until we are older, we wait until we think we are prepared… we wait until NEXT weekend, next year.  So much of what we do hinges on this “waiting game.” 
Simeon was a man who was waiting.  He was waiting for that promise.  To behold with His own eyes The Christ, the Consolation of Israel.  God had promised and He stood there knowing His God would not lie.
In our lives there are various seasons where God may ask us to wait.  And certainly we are ANXIOUSLY awaiting the second coming of that same Christ.  However this Christmas season we are rejoicing that we are no longer waiting to know Him.  We don’t have to wait for peace in our hearts, for joy in our lives, for love, acceptance, forgiveness, and salvation.  It has come… He has come.  Often we can catch ourselves waiting for something that He is ready to accomplish in us.  In our humanity we wait and try to find fulfillment in other people… in other ways outside of Christ.  Oh what joy is found in the revelation that we no longer have to wait.  He is ready… are you?
Christmas time in a warm climate for the first time.  Seems quite strange.  Instead of looking out our window and seeing snow falling we see clothes drying on the line.  It will be a different Christmas but it will be good!! Celebrating the birth of Christ does not have to depend on circumstances and environment… we are thankful for that.
We are settled back in here at home after a short visit to the U.S.  We are so thankful for that trip.  It proved to us again that God knows best.  What we thought was a last minute crisis was shown to be a great blessing.  His ways... tested and proven to be better!
We are just continuing to live life here.  Taking one day at a time.  Learning to abide. One thing that has become very clear to us is that we needed to live here.  As we look back over these past months we are completely overcome with gratitude.  The Lover of our souls has certainly blessed us.  He has taught us so many invaluable lessons.  Our souls have not always eagerly embraced them, but as we reflect we can clearly see that it was needed.  We needed to emerge from our cocoon of the familiar and the comfortable.  Our souls needed stretched and softened.  We needed to see our complete incapability.   We have been given a glimpse of Him… and He is nothing short of amazing.  As we continue down this path however long or short it may be, we look forward to the further cultivation of our souls and the souls around us as He works. 
MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all.  He has come.  He has lived.  He has died.  He has RISEN! And He is coming again!!

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